Water Ghost
As a fourth-grader, Ying is finally eligible to go on the schoolwide camping trip. But her grandmother, Ah Pau, is doubtful about the safety and wisdom of such an excursion. Nevertheless, Ah Pau agrees to help pay for the trip, but only if Ying will work to earn part of the money. So Ying and her cousin Kee begin to make chicken fences. Kee thins the bamboo strips, and Ying painstakingly weaves them together. The young girl proves adept at her task, and when market day arrives, her grandmother is very proud. But something happens at the market to undermine all the months of Ying's hard work. She makes a decision about how to spend the money that shocks and angers her family. Ying stands by her actions, but her internal struggle becomes the central drama of the book. Set in China in the late 1940s, this autobiographical story features the same characters and setting as First Apple, the author's first novel. This promising new writer once again has produced a story that is compelling, poignant, and written from the heart.

English/Chinese Bilingual  Edition
ISBN: 962-563-494-0