Comments About Ching Yeung Russell's Presentations


"You did a great job of encouraging students to ask questions and interact with you."
Kirk Palmer, Library Media Specialist                                                                                          Singapore American School, Singapore

"Very valuable ideas for our budding writers."
M. Riley, Head of English Department                                                                            Harrow International School, Bangkok, Thailand

"Your presentation was very informative, knowledgeable and fun.... Would love to have you back."
Alba Uthaichalanond, Media Specialist                                                                     Rumrudee International School, Bangkok, Thailand

"It was also hear about how long it takes to get your books published and how you write many drafts."
Kathryn Sandler, Teacher                                                                                                 Shekou International School, Shenzhen, China

"The children...were obviously fascinated by your autobiographical story and how you wrote your books."
Hugh Stacey, Teacher                                                                                               Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong, China

"Students enjoyed listening to your realistic stories."
Wu Shuk Yin, Headmistress                                                                                               St. Paul's Primary School, Hong Kong, China

"[I liked] the details of your life and the way you connect your own life with the characters of your book.  Very nice that you gave the students time for questions...Teachers very happy with your hints & directions for writing.  It is exactly what teachers try to emphasize with their students."
Reina Nuernberger, Librarian                                                                                                        American International School in Israel

"You are engaging with speaking.  You tell stories, ask questions, and explain very well.  You are sincere and enthusiastic.  It is clear that you love what you are doing.  You paint a clear picture of everyday life in rural China.  Students begin to understand that they can simply write about their own experiences and create interesting stories."
Victoria Banks, Middle School Humanities Coordinator                                                                American International School in Israel

I think my kids really enjoyed your stories about your childhood because it is so different from their own.  Thank you for sharing."
Susie Wu Geller, Teacher                                                                                                              American International School in Israel

"[I liked] the 19 point handout titled 'Advice I Would Give Young Writers'  [and] the truthfulness in which you answered my students' questions."
Shannon MacDonald, Teacher                                                                                                      American International School in Israel

"[I liked] your enthusiasm [and] the very interesting details about your life and connecting these to your book that the children were discussing.  [I liked] sharing your experiences of becoming a writer and with the process of writing."
C. Tuvyahu, Teacher                                                                                                                     American International School in Israel

"We loved hearing your story - about moving to Hong Kong and then the U. S. and how you worked to learn English.  The message that it is never too late to learn something and to become something was one that the students really took to heart.  We also liked the story about the sweet milk custard.  It was also fun to try the pillows and hear about different customs."
Kelly Corcoran, ESL Teacher                                                                                                                   International School of Brussels

"[Your talk was] culturally interesting.  Students enjoyed knowing how you slept.  Students found [your] life fascinating to learn and enjoyed the personal photos...The students enjoyed the cultural aspects of the presentation, since it enabled them to learn about another country.  They were also able to appreciate the valuable taste of all kinds of food."
Daisy Lee, ESL Teacher                                                                                                                           International School of Brussels

"I liked the references to China, the map, the photos.  I liked the way you referred to the texts and related the texts to the pictures and the artifacts...Very interesting.  You held the childrens' attention and it was a wonderful experience for us all."
Annie Bruce, ESL Teacher                                                                                                                       International School of Brussels

"The presentation was  very interesting and delivered in a way that captured the interest of all our students."
Dawn Rutland, ESL Librarian                                                                                      St. John's International School, Waterloo, Belgium

"Very open, personal, warm, friendly.  Informative, too."
Paul Motwani, Teacher                                                                                                St. John's International School, Waterloo, Belgium

"I enjoyed the personal stories, especially about the speaker's childhood  .  The students really made good connections with this."
Annette Hagen, Teacher                                                                                             St. John's International School, Waterloo, Belgium

"I liked the stories and how you involved the students."                
Jon Caray, Teacher                                                                                                     St. John's International School, Waterloo, Belgium

"[I liked] the unusual 'Chinese' extras you brought along - the sleeping block, lanterns, etc.  The kids liked trying things out.  Good contrast between old China and daily life now. Students were engaged. Age appropriate...Wonderful stories brought to life."
Carol-Ann Whipple, Librarian                                                                                                                            Brussels American School

"[I liked] the visuals and objects that make the books come alive."
Audrey Peverelli, Principal (Primary)                                                                                                             International School of Paris

"Your anecdotes and slides brought Chinese stories alive for me...It was delightful to have your insights into Chinese life."
Carol Whitehouse, Primary Librarian and Media Coordinator                                                                       International School of Paris