Comments About Ching Yeung Russell's School Presentations

In the United States

"The audience remained spellbound as Russell shared her Chinese culture through objects from her novel."  
Candie Ruppert, Reading Teacher                                                               Oakbrook Elementary School, Summerville, SC

"It was very a informative session about the culture of China. Mrs. Russell's books and her presentation offer so many wonderful points about human character that span all generations and cultures.  She ties in her life experiences to situations that occur even today in America." 
Gin-g Edwards, Media Specialist                                                                                Alston Middle School, Summerville, SC

"Integrating the Chinese artifacts with the supporting of the story made the students want to read more.  Involving the audience was wonderful!
Marcia F. Yates, Media Specialist                                                                                    Mason Prep School, Charleston, SC

"I enjoyed your openness and good humor.  You are very knowledgeable about your subject, and you are happy to share what you know."
Carol Maynard, Teacher                                                                                                 Mason Prep School, Charleston, SC

"We all enjoyed the wonderful 'window' on the Chinese culture.  Your skillful presentation of cultural differences and similarities will really help the students understand our unit on China so much better."
Patty Puckett, Teacher                                                                                                                  Cleveland High School, TN

"...Your presentation was so interesting...(and) keeps the interest and attention of the students."
Susan Dunn, Teacher                                                                                  Crystal Springs Elementary, Crystal Springs, MS

"...The students were very enthused about the Chinese culture and are now fighting over the books!"
Mary Hope Roseneau, Media Specialist                                                            Lady's Island Elementary, Lady's Island, SC

"I especially liked the interaction you have with the children.  I enjoyed the reaction from the children when you explain how being a student in China differs from being a students in the U. S."
Annette W. Haskell, Children's Librarian                                                       Independence Regional Library, Charlotte, NC

"You were well prepared and you involved the children.  You also had copies of your books and so many props."
Kathleen McMahan, Teacher                                                                                         Westview Elementary, Charlotte, NC

"It was very informative and interesting.  I enjoyed how you used the students to demonstrate the objects you brought with you (baby & carrier, etc."
Linda Hanley, Media Specialist                                                                              Greenway Park Elementary, Charlotte, NC

"I enjoyed your talk immensely and I could have listened for another hour."
Patti Harlan, Media Specialist                                                                                           Oakdale Elementary, Charlotte, NC
"Ching's adorable personality mesmerized the children.  They loved the visuals she brought with her & her vivid language brought her culture alive to the students."
Brenda T. Chilton, Media Specialist                                                         Sullivan's Island Elementary, Sullivan's Island, SC

"You were very personable and I like that you involved the students.  I was afraid it would be too long but it didn't seem to be.  Students remained interested and appeared to be willing to sit longer."
Kay Paul, Media Specialist                                                                                       Oakbrook Elementary, Summerville, SC

"[I liked] your enthusiasm, your interesting stories, and all of your fascinating Chinese materials.  The children were captivated."
Linda Miller, Teacher                                                                                                 Ron McNair Elementary, Charleston, SC

"Very good explanation of your birth culture.  Enjoyed visuals!  You did a great job - involving the children really made it come alive for them."
Sharon Robles, Teacher                                                                                          Ron McNair Elementary, Charleston, SC

"[I liked] everything!  It was personal & informative & inspiring."
Susan Diehl, Teacher                                                                                           Greenway Park Elementary, Charlotte, NC

"I enjoyed the way you used the children.  They were delightfully surprised by the wooden pillow."
Ginger Robinson, Teacher                                                                                                   Ingleside Elementary, Athens, TN

"[I liked] he visual aids that corresponded to the books [and how you] showed the students the culture...I love your books!  Keep them coming."
Arlene Wagner, Librarian                                                                                                          Calhoun School, Calhoun, TN

"I loved the story about how you first became a Chinese writer.  It was very fascinating to learn what you received for the writing....I enjoyed how you explained the differences in how your books were written in America in contrast to how your writings were accepted in China."
Susan Dunn, Teacher                                                                                                                               Crystal Springs, MS

"The presentation was excellent."
Deborah Holland, Teacher                                                                               Bradley Central High School, Cleveland, TN

"Your humor, candor and good cheer made for a wonderful author visit and helped us create a truly memorable experience for the students.  Tofu Quilt was the perfect read for our students and it was magical to see the depth of their understanding grow during our Tofu Quilt celebration."                
Jillian Van Ells, Lower School Librarian                                                                        Holton Arms School, Bethesda, MD

"I enjoyed the hands-on nature of your presentation.  The visual quality was extremely impressive.  It was very age-appropriate for elementary school students and I loved the inclusion of Chinese culture elements and facts."
Anita L. Carr, Teacher                                                                                                     Holton Arms School, Bethesda, MD

"[I enjoyed the] balance of reading, writing advice and your life story.  The PowerPoint really helps."
Susan Easter, Lower School Librarian                                                                         Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, SC